Instant Cash Friendly Pawnshop

We here at Goldmine Gun and Pawn have had the privilege of serving South Florida for many years in other locations, but it was time to start our own store. We were honored to take over Martin’s Gun & Pawn location which has been a well known pawn shop in Florida for almost 40 years.

After some renovations, we officially opened in June of 2018 and couldn’t be happier with our turnout so far. Between our team we share over almost 40 years experience and we’re passionate about providing the best service possible. Each day offers us a new and unique learning experience, with the ability to help others along the way.

Here at Goldmine Gun and Pawn believe that there is no loan too big or too small (whether its $5 or $1,000,000), whatever your needs are, think of us first. We are here to help!