White gold and silver have a similar appearance. Sometimes people get mixed up and think white gold is silver. But they are very different. They differ in their cost, upkeep, durability, and small differences in hue.

The crust of the planet contains naturally occurring metals like gold and silver. Both are soft metals that need to be mixed with other elements to create jewelry that can be worn.925 Silver

Color and appearance

Compared to silver, white gold is more brilliantly white and shiny. Nickel and platinum is mixed with gold to give it the white hue. White gold needs to have the rhodium plating applied every few years or when it wears off.

Silver is a grayish-white color. At first it is glossy, but after it is exposed to air, it becomes dull or tarnished. However, contact with commonly found high-sulfur objects like mustard, hard-boiled eggs, and rubber bands can all hasten tarnishing of your silver jewelry.


Gold has stronger metal alloys than silver, and is more durable. The purity of the gold will affect its durability. For example, 18k gold is more durable than 20k gold.

Silver is more prone to scratches and could bend or become misshapen due to normal use. Because of this, it isn’t the first choice for wedding bands or engagement rings. Silver might be a decent option for jewelry items that will be worn less frequently.

925 Silver


Although the price of white gold and silver will change depending on the market situation, gold is normally more valuable than silver. Silver is a moderately priced and accessible metal. Supply and demand, and availability all affect the price of precious metals. If you are shopping for a piece of jewelry, silver may be the best option if cost is a concern.

White gold is worth money, and the value depends on the mixture of gold and its combined alloy. For example, 20k gold is purer and contains more gold, so it is worth more than 18k gold with a lower percentage of pure gold.

Care and Maintenance

Silver and white gold both need distinct maintenance techniques to maintain their lustrous appearance.

Rhodium is often plated on white gold. A member of the platinum family of metals, rhodium helps shield your jewelry from scuffs. Rhodium turns from bright white to yellow over time, so it needs to be replaced.

However, white gold is ideal for daily wear because it maintains its brilliant white appearance longer.

To prevent tarnishing, silver jewelry requires more frequent washing and polishing. As with all jewelry, fine jewelry is an investment, so caring for your pieces and storing them properly ensures your jewelry will retain their value.

Different behavior

Silver is trickier to engrave on than white gold. Silver can tarnish, and this does take away from its appearance. Gold doesn’t tarnish. Because of its durability, white gold may retain its shape better than silver.

925 Silver

Understanding Silver

There are many purities of silver. There are Fine Silver, Britannia Silver, Scandinavian Silver, Sterling Silver, European Silver and a few others. There are also Silver Plated pieces.

Fine Silver

Fine silver has a millesimal fineness of 999 and is 99.9% pure. It is generally too soft and bendable for many uses. It is combined with other alloys to increase its durability. Hallmarks will state the percentage of silver included in the piece. Fine silver tarnishes quickly because of the chemical reactions with the gasses in the air. It oxidizes. If you notice a black mark on the light cloth cloth you use to wipe off your fine silver piece, you can be confident that you have real silver.

It also scratches easy.

925 silver

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver combined with other alloys like 7.5% copper. The alloys add to the durability of the silver and make it a practical metal to make jewelry and other items from. Sterling silver has a fineness of 925, and the hallmark will reflect the purity of the silver.

Pure silver has a metallic smell, but sterling silver doesn’t. A neat trick is sterling silver will melt ice at an exceptionally fast rate. Even at room temperature, authentic silver has a high thermal rating.

Some people are allergic to the nickel in sterling silver. So if you are, make sure that any sterling silver jewelry you purchase is nickel free. If you aren’t sure, a sterling silver ring may turn your finger a greenish color. Sterling silver rings will last between 20 and 30 years if they are well taken care of. If they are worn occasionally and properly stored, they could last forever.

925 silver is worth investing in as an alternative investment in precious metals and commodities. As inflation increases, silver may reach as much as US$100 an ounce. To tell if you have 925 silver, check your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants and see if there is a 925 hallmark someone discreet.

Britannia Silver

Britannia silver has a millesimal fineness of at least 950 and is 95% pure. Unlike sterling silver, Britannia silver is composed of 95.84% pure silver, which is more than what sterling silver is comprised of. The other alloys in Britannia silver are 4.16% copper and other metals. Britannia silver is also more expensive and less robust than sterling silver.

Britannia silver is used for decorative silver coins. Because it scratches easy and isn’t as durable as sterling silver, it is less popular for jewelry making. Britannia silver coins are the most popular silver investment coin in the UK.

925 Silver

Scrap Silver

Like gold, silver is scrapable. If you have broken, previously worn, or unwanted sterling silver or silver pieces, you can work with a trustworthy pawn shop or silver dealer to determine what the silver is worth, so you can get an offer for your pieces.

Remember that sometimes vintage sterling silver can have a higher value than scrap silver.

Silver Plated Pieces

A silver plated piece of jewelry is a piece of jewelry made of other metals and then coated with a thin layer of silver. Most silver plated pieces are brass, and then the piece is dipped in a silver solution. The plating does wear off from general use. the item a silver appearance.

925 Silver, pure silver, scrap silver Britannia silver is all worth money.

The market price determines the current value of your silver. The current market price can change from day to day, and the market is based on factors including economy, world affairs, supply and demand, and other things. To get the best price for your silver, it is important to monitor the current market price, so that you can sell your coins, antiques, bullion bars, watches and other silver jewelry when the price is high.

The price of your silver will consider the purity of your silver and the weight of the silver. A higher purity of silver will bring you more money.

Some antique silver items are worth more as collectible items than if they were sold for market price. Working with a reputable jeweler, silver dealer, or pawn shop is important, so you can trust the offer you get. Don’t forget when you are selling scrap silver or other silver items, there may be a dealer’s fee that will vary.

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Where to Buy, Sell, and Pawn silver, sterling silver, and items with silver content

Actual silver sells. Research precious metals dealers and jewelry stores to see if they buy silver. There are also some online resources. Finding a local pawn shop could be the best answer if you want to find out the silver value of your things, so you can make a decision about selling them.

What other metal alloy is used with the pure silver will determine the silver worth. For example, if a silver piece is 925 silver, it will have 7.5% copper alloy in it. The piece will have a value based on the weight of the piece, and the current market value of 925 silver, which includes the copper alloy, isn’t worth as much and isn’t considered one of the other precious metals.

A troy ounce is what is used to weigh silver and other precious metals. A Troy ounce is not a US ounce. 1 US ounce equals.911 ounce troy.

To calculate the value of a silver piece, take % of pure silver x silver price x troy ounce modifier. If the silver is 92.5%, take that number and multiply it by the current price and the troy ounce modifier of.911.

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Goldmine Pawn wants you to know some key points about selling/loaning silver.

  • Silver has different purity – pure silver is 99.9% silver, with only.01% trace elements
  • 925 Silver is 92.5% silver with T7.5% other alloys
  • Pure silver is malleable, so it is mixed with other metal alloys like copper and nickle to give it more strength
  • There is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper in sterling silver
  • We test all silver to determine content, so we can give you a perfect offerIf you want to buy, sell, or pawn real silver, real sterling silver, 925 silver, scrap silver, a silver bar or two, silver coins, or collectible items made of silver, stop by today and the expert pawnbrokers will work with you to get you the best deal.