They sat together on the threadbare sofa, looking through the old cigar box of coins grandfather collected throughout the years. Grandfather told a story about each coin he plucked for the tattered box. He spoke of his tours overseas in the Korea War, and about metal detecting and finding coins on the beach in Spain. He told about his last trip with Grandma to Louisiana.


I sat back and listened, recalling the same stories I heard while growing up. The stories mesmerized my 9 year old son, and the different designs, weights, and textures of the coins intrigued him.

Grandfather put each coin aside, saying, “these will be the start of your own coin collection. These will provide a foundation so you can add others.”


Coin Collectors Would Love Coins as a Gift – A Christmas Gift

Coin collectors appreciate most coins. They have their favorites, and some collectors, like American Silver Eagles, while others only like coins evaluated by the American Numismatic Association.


The History of Coin Collecting

The earliest recorded coin collection was the first Emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar. He lived from 63 B.C. to A.D. 14, over 2,000 years ago! Coin collecting has been a favorite for many reasons. Some people like their historic or artistic value, some want them for investment and potential long-term profit, and others just because they are cool, have a story attached, and can be used to establish a “foundation” between a grandson and his aging grandfather.

How to start collecting – Keep it Simple

Often people wonder where to start. The easiest way to start is to collect coins that bring interest. Educate your loved ones about what you like or are searching for, and give them a list of coin sets, coin books, or years and value of the coins, so they can find you a unique gift.

Coin collecting can be started by assembling a set of Lincoln or Indian Head pennies. Have a couple hundred to spend? Start with silver coins. When starting out, remember to start small and keep things simple, as the history of the coins is learned and understood.

Learn to identify the coins you like and the various characteristics that increase their worth. Don’t get in the habit of trying to make a quick buck, or be too hurried in your purchase. The saying “haste makes waste” may come true.

Assembling a solid collection takes time. Do your research. For family members, getting you a sought after coin is a great gift idea.

When done correctly, coin collecting is a hobby that can last a lifetime and builds a foundation for the next generation to continue.


For the Holidays, Buy a Good Coin Book and Start a Theme So You Can Add to Your Family Members Collection Each Year

Collect coins with the same theme, design, and date. There are mint sets available to help you with your gift ideas.

Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the process. Parents and grandparents can help little ones start collecting coins by giving “Birth Year” coins. Did you know that each year coins are minted (the term used when new coins are made) all over the world?

By the time the little one turns 18 years old and is graduating high school, he would have quite the collection of coins, not to mention an interest and hobby to build on during their adult years.

As he ages, graduates, marries, and for the holiday, each family member could get him a coin to add to his collection.

As a coin collector, after he is married, his children could search and find him coins for Father’s Day or a birthday. This would provide a huge opportunity to start teaching the next generation about each beautiful coin.

Sell coins

Buy, Sell, Trade, Pawn

Local Pawn Shops, like Goldmine Pawn, can value your coins and, if in doubt, have them assessed by experts in the field. You can be placed on a text message list that notifies you when coins become available, so you have first-hand knowledge of new inventory.

Pawn Shops are a great place to find a pre owned guide book, bullion, bullion coins, a particular coin set, American Silver Eagle coins, Old United States coins like Morgans, commemorative coins, and coin collecting supplies.


Pawn Shops appraise the coins that come into their shops and test the content of the metal used to make the coin. Common coins found at pawn shops are Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollar, Silver Dimes, Mercury Dimes, American Eagles, Gold Krugerrands, Gold American Eagles, and much more!

Pawn Shops will purchase coin collections if you have some you want to liquidate. Then they put the coins out on their retail floor as gifts for coin collectors, and their prices are affordable.

The amount of money you can get for your coins depends on the coin values, face value, numismatic value, and resale value. Your favorite coin collector will enjoy a coin from a pawn shop for the holidays.

If you aren’t sure what type of coin to purchase, talk to the pawn shop to see if they have gift certificates available, so your coin collector can use it to pick out and buy their own coin.

Goldmine Pawn Shop

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Gold bars and coins

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If you don’t have these things, they accept luxury handbags and designer watches, diamonds, diamond jewelry, electronics, and anything of value.

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