Black gold is the same as yellow gold. Technology is used to change the color. Today, you can change gold into various colors, adding different alloys for different shades.

Cobalt is often used to change the color of yellow gold. Using a precise three-to-one ration of gold to a second metal alloy, the color of the yellow gold changes.

When you mix gold and cobalt, the end result is black gold.

The most popular method for creating black gold comes from electroplating, where yellow gold is plated with a black finish using rhodium or ruthenium. Over time, the plating wears off and the yellow gold underneath shows through. To keep the appearance pristine, you have to replace the gold.

Black gold electroplated is the most economical kind of black gold. Sometimes rhodium is used for electroplating. Electroplating uses an electrical current to reduce dissolved metal cations, so a tin coating is formed on the surface.

Jewelers can also create black gold through oxidation. This happens when acid is added to the surface of yellow gold, the surface turns black. The problem with oxidation is that it weakens the metals, so it isn’t the most desirable method to obtain black gold.

In recent times, it was discovered that a laser application can be used high levels of energy to create microstructures that absorb light. In other words, black gold made with femtosecond laser treatment is actually gold altered to capture light instead of reflecting it. This is a method that creates a durable, expensive form of gold because it is energy-consuming.

Gold Jewelry

The Value of Black Gold

Black gold contains gold, and gold is valuable. 24k gold is the purest form of gold. It is yellow and bendable. The more yellow gold is contained in the piece, the more valuable the jewelry is. The value is in the natural material.

The labor used to make the color of black gold adds to its value. For example, processes like electroplates, oxidize, or femtosecond laser treatment are more costly.

The type of gold under the black finish affects the price. It’s important to know what the gold’s karat is that makes up your black gold jewelry.

The black gold jewelry you have may also be valuable because of the gemstones and diamonds it contains. The piece with a quality diamond will be more valuable than a plain black gold piece.

There are other dark metals that are beautiful, but don’t compare to black gold. There is black carbon fiber, black ceramic, black tungsten, and black titanium.


Black Carbon Fiber

Pure gold is a soft metal that scratches easily. It is also bendable when used to make rings. Black carbon fiber is extremely strong and durable. It is heat-resistant, lightweight, and affordably priced. Jewelers might use it to combine with gold to achieve durability. It can also be combined with wood grain and resin to create unique pieces.

Black Ceramic

Black gold is durable, unlike black ceramic jewelry. Black ceramic jewelry gives a sheen and luster, but it is also fragile and will shatter if dropped on a tile floor. It is known for its ability to maintain its luster forever and has a consistent color throughout the piece.

Black Titanium

Black titanium is an affordable, lightweight and durable metal. It is difficult to resize. It does get scuff marks overtime. It is a hypoallergenic material and resistant to tarnishing, but shatters easily. Black titanium doesn’t make the best wedding rings.

Titanium is one of the most popular jewelry materials. It is cheaper than gold, and the price increases because of the additional labor costs associated with creation.

Black Tungsten

Tungsten is a fragile material that shatters. It can’t be remade once made. It is scratch resistant and holds its shine. It isn’t as flexible as black gold, but is more affordable than gold.

Durability of Black Gold

A black gold pendant and earrings will last much longer and require less maintenance than a black gold ring, because the pendant will have less exposure to harsh elements. Small delicate black gold jewelry, like black gold pendants and earrings, will be a great addiction to your collection.

Checking the Authenticity of Black Gold

A pawn shop with an x-ray fluorescence technology tester or XRF precious metals tester can help authenticate your black gold. It can see below the black surface to the yellow gold below the electroplating and alloy layers. The machine will measure the content of the gold and precious metals used in your jewelry piece.

When you are selling, pawning, or buying black gold, you want to be 100% certain your black gold is real gold.

Other Colors Achieved by Adding Alloys

Rose gold is made by combining gold with copper. It is made of 75 % 18k gold with 25% percent copper. The copper gives the gold a rose appearance. Rose gold is used in tennis bracelets, engagement rings, pendants, and bracelets.

White gold is made by mixing gold with nickel, zinc, palladium, or a combination of these. White gold is popular for engagement rings, pendants, and other jewelry pieces. Yellow or white gold and platinum have lasted the test of time and emerged as timeless classics.

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